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"Here are some related sites, including some of my favorite authors, musicians, and services. There are also a few connections to some extremely worthy causes I support and am involved in." - Randy Rudman

Christian's work covers a broad range of subjects and evocative style. His love of "hands on" methods has kept him working with film in the middle of the digital deluge.

One of Randy's favorite authors and storytellers. Along with writers like CS Lewis and Max Lucado, Manning paints his stories with words.

Randy's favorite Central Texas singer-songwriter,

John Arthur Martinez surrounds himself with world- class players and continues to create songs that are heartfelt, melodic and real... a Texas troubador!

In 2015, Randy and his wife, Lori, found an amazing new health and wellness company and have "regained their youth" through a simple, straightforward approach to detox and nutrition.

Randy's favorite jazz project with Nick Thorne of Long Beach, CA on piano, Gary Dean of Blackpool, UK on Drums and Randy on Bass and Guitars.

The mainstream media rarely gives time to the plight of the followers of Jesus Christ in persecuted areas of the world, and therefore, most of us are oblivious to this pervasive, global issue. Voice of the Martyrs shines a light in the darkness.

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