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Randy Rudman. Expressionist Painter. 

​​​​​​​​​​Randy is a central Texas painter and "colorist" whose life and travels around the world are reflected in his art. The relationship between the performing arts (music, dance, drama and spoken word) and the visual arts (painting, drawing, print and sculpture) is the theme of the "lion's share" of his painting.  His artwork adorns public, private, and corporate collections from coast to coast.  He was selected in 2005 as one of 35 Texas artist to participate the the "Austin Guitartown" Project, and his 10' Gibson Les Paul is permanently on display at the corner of 6th and Congress in Austin.
Along with his paintings, Randy is now offering hand-signed, hand embellished, limited edition canvas giclees of some of his more popular works, including his "icon" series and the cover art for Nashville Star's  John Arthur Martinez' 2012 recording "You Play My Heart".

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