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Canvas Prints Available

Giclee is a French word meaning "fine mist". The giclee process involves the use of a very sophisticated printing mechanism that actually applies the paint or opaque inks to the canvas at extremely high resolution.

Randy was honored to have been selected by Nashville Star's john Arthur martinez to produce the cover art for his new CD, "You Play My Heart".  The original is a Mixed Media painting 30x30", and the giclee editions are the actual size. The limited edition is set at 100, and once they are sold, no others will be produced. Pre-orders have been surprisingly brisk, so order yours today. They are hand signed and numbered and hand embellished for added value. They are available in loose canvas which can be rolled and shipped for $295. US, or stretched on gallery wrap 1.5" stretcher frame for $375. US.   Please contact us for international shipping.​

On a recent trip to the Holy Land, I was inspired by my time spent in the wilderness, in the area near the Negev, where the brook at En Gedi comes from a waterfall in the side of a cliff.  According to the biblical account, this is the exact location where David and his men camped while they fled from King Saul. Whether or not it was the actual spot where the Psalm was written, my field sketches left me with the strong impression of the text of Psalm 91.  Days later, I watched the as the Friday evening sun set over the city of Jerusalem, where the Mezusah Scrolls decorate every door and gateway. I decided to do a large painting series (72x60") of my impressions. I am offering limited edition, hand embellished, signed and numbered giclees of the "Holy Land" series.


They are offered in half scale and 1/4 scale, each with editions of 250 each.  They are available for at half scale (48x40") for $1250. US.  or 1/4 scale for 399. plus shipping.  Please contact us for international shipping.​


























My most successful series to date, The Texas Icon Series, is now available in Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Prints. Each is hand embellished, hand signed and numbered on a gallery wrapped canvas. Available in half scale (40x32") for 975. US, or 1/4" scale @ 30x24" for 399. US = 49. shipping. Please contact us for international shipping.​

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